It's on again!

Our ONCE a year,

ONE day only,


Saturday May 25th

Bargains like these


This is the real deal everyone talks about.
No BS, just discounts to clear stock.
Store wide* we have thousands of lines
all marked down to clear.

Laddadders below cost

Spanners, Socket sets, Power Tools, Car jacks, Ladders,
Cordless Skins, Drill Sets - the lot!!
*Festool MRP items are excluded but we DO have
some ex-demo stock to clear at great prices

Lasers below cost

THOUSANDS of items are below cost to CLEAR
(That's why it's ONE DAY ONLY)

Bargains like these for instance:

8mt Tape

Metabo CHEAP


All power tools discounted* -
240v, 18v Skins, 12v Skins, Batteries...


Cordless kits to CLEAR
Kincrome K1600

Great range of tool kits, all marked down!


Come in and grab a great deal on lasers -

Rotary heads available at great savings like these

5pc Chisel set

Huge range of hand tools in stock,
all heavily marked down

Offset Snips below cost

Sidchrome or Kincrome loose sockets
all 30% off marked price



Big Bahco range in stock - all Discounted to clear!


Shifters all discounted


Burn baby, burn

Consumables for the workshop,
up to 40% off

Boxes of disc so cheap

Cheap knives

Massive range of hand tools

at 30-50% off

all hand tools discounted

Huge range of clamps
all sizes and brands,

most 30% off or even more!!Clamps

Automotive tools - all heavily discounted




Choose from our range of Drill bits and sets
All marked down to clear

Drill Bit sets

Loose holesaws all 30% off
and great prices on kits too!

Holesaw kits

Trade quality - DIY Price!
Power leads

Consumables 30% off or more

Heaps of storage options,
Bags, boxes, sortainers,
All marked down to clear!!
Priced to CLEAR

Driver bits, Drill bits all 30% off
Driver bit sets from all brands discounted

All safety gear discounted
Safety gear discounted

Socket set slaughter house


Obviously this list can't go on forever,
But this shows you the kind of savings we've got

Everything (except Festool MRP items) is

This only happens once a year
so don't miss it

8am-4pm Saturday May 25th

Cash/Card only - Personal Shopping

Thomastown is going to be busier than ever as a tool shop destination in 2019,
so we're going to keep doing our best to keep you happy:
- Great prices and deals on all the best brands
- Repairs and warranty claims
- Top service and advice from experienced crew
- on site service/deliveries for our commercial customers

United Tools
Thomastown and Berwick
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