Woah, how time flies!!!

February already and we're fully back
into the swing of things!

Since we got back in January we've been especially busy
in our workshops getting customers' tools repaired after the break.
Our workshops do all major brands at competitive rates
(or no charge if it's a warranty claim, of course!)

If you have something simple you need to fix yourself
we can help there too - we'll find a parts diagram and help you identify
the required part(s) and get them ordered for you as quick as we can.

Thomastown is going to be busier than ever as a tool shop destination in 2019,
so we going to keep doing what we've always done to do our best to keep you happy:
- Great prices and deals on all the best brands
- Repairs and warranty claims
- Top service and advice from experienced crew
- on site service/deliveries for our commercial customers

United Tools
Thomastown and Berwick
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United Tools Berwick and Thomastown - supporting all the Big Brands:


United Tools Thomastown
294 Settlement Road
03 9464 0211

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